Brainstorm unique business ideas instantly

Conduct user research, figure out pain points and come up with business solutions by talking to chatbots trained on the latest subreddit posts and comments.

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Market research
Website ideas
App ideas

Are you tired of this:

Spending hours of your day thinking of user problems in your notebook

40 hours +

Messaging people of certain communities asking what problems they are facing

20 hours +

Brainstorming business solutions to come up with the problems you found out

10 hours +

How RedditChatLab can help

Find a subreddit community you are interested in and message the bot trained on the subreddits latest data

User research

Ask the chatbot about specific user pain points including quotes and problems they experience that can be solved via a website, app or business

Generate ideas

Ask the chatbot to generate unique business ideas related the user research conducted

Go to market

Ask the chatbot what the best way to go to market is for these various ideas. Iterate on these ideas to perfect them


For any additional quesitons, feel free to contact us at

Why is RedditChatLab unique?

Our model is specifically created to help with user research and business help. On top of that, the reddit data it is trained is from the most recent posts and comments, helping you gain a competitive edge and save loads of time when coming up with your business idea.

How often is the data updated?

Data is updated on a bi-weekly basis, this ensures you are recieving the latest insights from users in your community.

How long will it take to import new subreddits?

If you do not see your subreddit in the table of subreddits, simply add the subreddit and it will take 1-5 hours for the data to be imported and trained

Can I request a refund?

Yes, you can request a refund if you are unhappy within 7 days, shoot us an email at